DICRO OY - Comprehensive electronics manufacturing
In our capable production we apply the IPA-620 quality specification and our electronics production the IPC A-160, level 2 specification. Additionally, we apply all and any special demands which are separately agreed with the customer. Our both factories are certified acc. to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality certificate and the ISO 14001 Environmental certificate.

Cable assemblies

Our service covers manufacturing of customer specific cable and wire assemblies and harnesses.

Assembly of cables is carried out with a large variety of automatic and semi-automatic equipment, both in Nummela and Rakvere factory.

Testing of cable assemblies is done according to the needs of the customers, consisting of e.g. HV / LV tests, capacitivity tests, wired pair tests e.t.c. Tests are carried out e.g. with WK Electrical tester, MAV mechanical tester and also by Dicro Oy designed and manufactured product specific testers.